Best Vietnam Trip w/ Luxury Travel

We have returned from our 16-day trip. Our 8-day Vietnam trip that was scheduled by Ms. Duong w/ Luxury Travel Co, which went very smoothly. We want to thank Ms. Duong for a wonderful experience having to return back to my birth country after 35+ years. The experience felt like a once in a lifetime vacation -- very memorable, fun, relaxing & educational.

We also want to express our deep gratitude to our driver, Anh Hung, for his safe driving from HCM to Quy Nhon. We very much enjoyed his company and genuine personality. Also, our tour guide in Nha Trang was excellent. He was the best tour guide throughout the trip. His translation into English for my kids was excellent when needed. While we were in Quy Nhon having breakfast with my family, we also happened to bump into him again at Seagull Hotel. It was good to see him again.

If anyone is looking for a professional travel agency for their South East Asia trip, I recommend Luxury Travel.

We hope to visit Vietnam again in a few years.

San Francisco, California

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