Feedback from Marcel Blomjous and Frouke Hennink

Dear Ms. Duong,

Thank you very much for the professional organization of our magnificent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. We thorougly enjoyed our journey and It has lasted unforgettable memories. Thank you very much as well for your prompt action when we were not so content with the hotel in Battambang. The alternative was excellent.

May we express also our special thanks to our first guide in HMV, Minx. He has left an unforgettable impression; when leaving on the boat for Phnom Penh, he suddenly appeared in the hall of the hotel at 07:00 am to make sure everything was going well. He has been by far being our best best guide; his English was impaccable and his general knowledge about the country without limits!

He has arranged for me as well a special aircraft model from wood that was delivered to our hotel by his collegue. I would very much like to receive his private email address to once again thank him for this generous gesture! Looking forward to receive it!

With kind regards,

Marcel Blomjous and Frouke Hennink

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