Wellness & Spa

Wellness & Spa

One may view wellness as an overall state of health, focused on the harmony of body, mind and spirit.  Some of the fundamental elements include: physical fitness, beauty care, healthy nutrition, relaxation, meditation, mental activity/ education, self-discipline, environmental sensitivity and an active social life.

Luxury travel can help you achieve your wellness goals, because it is more than just sightseeing, but also a chance to escape daily stress, free your mind, body, soul and rejuvenate yourself. Our rejuvenating activities combine a cultural experience with a sightseeing journey through some of the most peaceful and spiritual destinations in the world.  You can enjoy Buddhist meditation with a monk, visit pagodas and practice tai chi or yoga in the morning. You’ll also taste local cuisine in the best restaurants and learn the art of balance between yin and yang in your daily meal. You’ll indulge in a hot stone massage on a private beach at sunset and rejuvenate with hydrotherapy, mud masks, and facials.

Join the many travelers who have discovered the healing effects of a spa getaway at one of these extraordinary destination spas and spa resorts, handpicked by our experts.

You are limited only by your imagination.

Wellness & Spa

Vietnam is the new spa destination in South East Asia, home to several of the world’s best spas, centuries-old massage techniques, and delicious, healthy cuisine. This luxury spa of Vietnam tour ...

A short flight from Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon) to the resort town of Nha Trang to spend several days in a secluded private villa overlooking beautiful Ninh Van Bay at the Evason Hideaway Ninh...

This luxury Vietnam spa vacation has been designed for anyone seeking an exotic location, the flexibility to choose your own spa program, and daily private chauffeur and expert guide to introduce y...

The Saigon Spa Experience includes leisurely stays at the best spa city destination of Vietnam providing ample time for you to focus on the treatments and activities of most interest to you. You ha...

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